Welcome to

Euphoria Cafe

Euphoria (yoo-fohr-ee-uh): a feeling of happiness, confidence, or well being. Established in 2009, a proud Canadian, Calgary based family business.


At Euphoria, we have one passion: to provide you with an authentic cafe experience where you are free to indulge your tastes and explore new flavours. Euphoria boasts an array of freshly baked goods and an assortment of sandwiches; freshly made Belgian waffles and gelato Italian ice cream; and a tantalizing menu of hot and cold beverages – but our creme de le creme is our coffee.


We take coffee seriously. Only the freshest locally hand micro-roasted beans are put in our hopper, and every beverage is made with precision and attention to detail – we do not compromise quality when it comes to our guests. From the crema of a doppio espresso, the perfection of a cafe latte, or a hand crafted iced drink, we do it right. With the freshest beans and finely tuned balance of flavours, we serve you so much more than just an ordinary cup of coffee.


Whether it’s a quick shot of espresso to energize your day or a decadent treat to wind down; Euphoria is the only place you need. We love the variety of our guests – from friends catching up over lattes to Olympic athletes swinging by for lunch to students sipping on tea as they do homework, and even yoga enthusiasts cooling down with smoothies! Whoever you are and whatever you do, we are always honoured and pleased to welcome you at Euphoria. We look forward to being your local cafe, and getting to know you in the community!